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Diagnosing your Heart Health

Diagnosing your Heart Health

To help you go longer stronger, here are some questions to help you diagnose your Heart Health:

Do you have the stamina to reach your goals?
Do you have systems in place so that you can continually show up to be who you need to be and do what you need to do? Do you have fits and starts?
Do you know how to deal with discouragement?
Do you have a voice in your head that dogs you? What does it say? Is it true? Can you stand against it?
Do you have a purpose that drives your life?
Do you know how to draw strength from your purpose(s)?
Do you have the strength to reach your goals?
Do you spend all your time focused on who you aren’t, instead of who you are?
Do you understand your gifts/strengths?
Do you know the contribution that you make in your work and in your relationships?

These are areas where you can grow with my coaching.

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