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Financial Partners

Financial Partners


I’ve had great response to my coaching and consulting. Some people have asked me to coach them. Others have said they have friends or colleagues who need my coaching.

Some of the people who most desperately need coaching aren’t in a place where they can afford coaching. Here’s a quick story:

I met a youth director at a small church. We did a “Simple Wallet, Simple Life” exercise (you should ask me more about this) where I helped him reduce his wallet from 2 inches thick to 5 millimeters thin in about 10 minutes. Later he sent me this message:

I knew that I couldn’t work for free, but I also knew I needed to help him. So we agreed to pray about it to see what God would do. That same week I was talking to someone who wanted to support my coaching AND this person who so desperately needed it. So he wrote a check for 3 months of coaching!

The coaching relationship with this client has made a huge impact. But this also showed me a great way for people to stay involved in what I’m doing.

Becoming a financial partner blesses in two ways

  1. You partner with me to help my impact to expand the impact of my coaching ministry
  2. You partner with pastors, leaders, and individuals who need a hand up

If you’d like more information about becoming a financial partner, click here to set up a free 30-minute conversation with me.