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More for Pastors

More for Pastors

If you are a pastor, who is pastoring you? Many pastors have no one in their corner. I remember the day I realized that no one at church thought it was their job to ask me how I was doing. I took steps to fix that (in the church and outside it). The steps I took gave me the strength and the relationships I needed to thrive in ministry.

Many pastors have so much untapped potential. Inside they have more of Jesus than what comes out of them. Most have gifts they are afraid to use, strengths that are left untapped, dreams for the church they are afraid to verbalize. Do you feel like there are obstacles to your growth as a leader? Do fear, personal struggles, lack of clarity on goals and purpose, the never-ending onslaught of the needs of the church leave you with no time to grow in new ways? We struggle and are alone. But these knots that produce anxiety, frustration, and resignation can be untied.

As a coach, often I’m the only one in your corner. I can help you experience God and the blessings of the gospel where you will know His presence. His grace will fuel your heart, His wisdom will focus your planning, and His glory will clarify your vision.

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Here is a longer list of additional areas where I can help you:

  • Clarify why your church exists:  Ensuring your Vision, Values, and Mission are impacting your church and community
  • Understand your leadership style, so you can lean into your strengths, staff to your weaknesses, and create a culture of healthy communication.
  • Help your church experience God’s glorious vision for their Work and Vocations.
  • Learn and Experience Godly emotions–how your emotions are your body communicating its judgments.
  • Ensure your church is making disciples.
  • Ensure your church is reaching your community.
  • Reduce the uncertainty in ministry. Clarify the intangibles and the mysteries of ministry.
  • Develop leaders in your church at all levels.
  • Develop Women leaders throughout your church and remain faithful to Scripture.
  • Develop and manage staff
  • Learn how to see God in the culture and redeem it
  • Live a gospel-centered life–one that is secure in the gospel, and works out of God’s grace and favor
  • Ensure your church is achieving its Inward, Outward, and Upward goals
  • Grow your church’s love for Christ, the Church, and the World
  • Increase the emotional health of your church’s discipleship
  • Develop Sunday Services that honor God, make disciples, and reach the lost
  • Communicate the fullness of the gospel to your people
  • Develop a healthy Small Group Ministry in your church
  • Understand how to frame your church’s ministries around the Story God is telling in the Bible
  • Develop a ministry for those who are suffering
  • Develop a culture of Sabbath in your church
  • Encounter God in the Bible and then help people to encounter Him in ministry

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