Coaching Leaders to be Clear, Focused, and Excited

Coaching Leaders to be Clear, Focused, and Excited

Because leadership is lonely -- Steven Cooper, Coach

Leadership Is Lonely

In over 25 years of experience in Business, in Pastoring, and in Leadership, I have learned three things:

  • People are Amazing
  • People struggle to live up to their potential (Most people are so much more than what they currently produce)
  • Leadership is lonely

You have incredible gifts.
Our world is full of possibilities.
But growth is hard. Life is busy.
It’s tough to get outside yourself and make real progress.

Every leader is different. The companies and churches they lead are different. But over time, there are three areas that create significant progress for everyone:

1. VISION:  Clarity in what you want and where you’re going.
      Do you know exactly what you want? Do you know exactly where you’re going?
      With Clarity, you go farther faster.

2. PLAN:  Focus on a path to reach your vision and achieve great results.
      Do you know exactly how to get there? to make measurable progress in life? At work? In your relationships?
      With focus, less is more.

3. FUEL:  Heart and confidence to go the distance and flourish on the journey.
      Do you have the fuel to keep going to the end?
With heart, you go longer stronger.

These three areas provide incredible growth. They make life and work meaningful. Some leaders need help with one of these areas, others have needs in all three. The statement above is a secret that everyone experiences, but no one names it:


You are often on your own. Whether you’re leading yourself, or your company/church, your best progress begins with decisions you make on your own. This is where a coach can help.


Spend some time on my site getting to know me and the people I’ve helped. When you’re ready, let’s talk about what working together might look like.

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