Clarity Focus Heart Coaching & Consulting


The wisest people invest in themselves. They take the time to keep themselves sharp and growing. Here is how I help individuals, whether or not they lead a company:

  • I can help you build a life of purpose and meaning, understanding how the elements of your life work together to make you the best version of yourself.
  • I can help you understand your strengths and lean on them in your work and relationships.
  • I can help you know which weaknesses to work on, and which ones you can ignore.
  • I can help you “untangle knots” in your life, in dealing with past pain, present broken relationships, or areas where you are stuck.
  • If you are Christian, or are interested in Christianity, I can help you to experience God and have a real relationship with Him that is personal, meaningful, and exciting.

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CHURCH Leaders


LGBTQ+ Leaders