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Non-Profit Leaders

Non-Profit Leaders

Non-profit organizations do extraordinary work. They are changing the world. With some non-profits, their world impact is obvious. But with most smaller non-profits, the world change is powerful and incremental. It’s one person at a time.

As non-profits grow they often struggle:

  • The mission gets lost as they build their organization. I can help you build organizational excellence while keeping the mission primary.
  • They struggle with growing their organization. I can help you grow and develop your staff and volunteer base.
  • They struggle with difficulty growing their donor base to match their growing vision. I can help you increase your donors’ generosity.
  • The minutia of running the organization saps the energy from the life-changing mission of the organization. I can help you stay focused and fueled with renewing motivation.
  • The leader gets lost in all the demands on his or her time. I can help you understand your leadership style, lean into your strengths, staff to your weaknesses, and create a culture of healthy communication.

Your organization’s mission is paramount, and EVERYTHING fights to distract you from it. When you lose focus, your impact is reduced. Your staff, volunteers, and donors get frustrated or lose interest. Coaching helps you stay on track. I can help you take the right next steps to lead your organization to growth and health.

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Steven Helps New Leaders in Transition

For the past two years, I have been blessed to get mentoring, coaching, and leadership support from Steven. Making the professional transition into my first Executive Director position was difficult.  He helped me to see the challenges I was facing as opportunities. His executive coaching helped me make a successful transition and gain the confidence and courage I needed to lead Generate Hope.

Annie Rodriguez
Executive Director, Generate Hope

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